SUNDAY SERVICE  8:30 Matins  10:30 Morning Service

Communion services are held on the second and fourth Sundays of the month, and the 5th Sunday of those months with 5 Sundays. (The third Sunday service is a Matins Service). Our healing service is on the second Sunday of the month. The big, hot prayer breakfast takes place on the last Tuesday of the month (it is open to everyone). Check our calendar for current and upcoming events.



The mission of this church is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Our major objective is for all to know Jesus as Lord and be an effective magnet involving lives for Jesus Christ.  Worship should always be focused on God, the time honored traditions of worship are observed here, we want worship to be glorifying to God, honoring to God and reminding us of the greatness and glory of God. People say that they have truly worshipped after our Sunday morning service.

We are a very welcoming church and we want to help you to know Jesus. Come in and talk to Pastor Jim and become part of the Body of Christ here at First St Johns Church.



Pastor Rev. Jim Driskell 
Phone 717.843.8597 

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